Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rebecca Vaughan House Roof

The Rebecca Vaughan House is known to be the last site in which anyone was killed during the Nat Turner slave insurrection in 1831. The house was recently donated and relocated to the Southampton Agricultural and Forestry Museum in Courtland Va. The restoration of the house will be carried out in 3 different phases as fundraising efforts allow.

The first phase included replacement of the metal roof with a cypress shingle roof, and restoration of the 5 original dormer windows and the recreation of the missing 6th dormer.

The Cypress shingles were provided by Museum Resources located in Providence Forge Va.

The Window Sashes and Frames were built by Old Virginia Millwork in Franklin Va.

Roof before restoration

Damaged rafters removed

New rafters and bracing being installed

Framing the missing dormer window

Replacement of missing skip sheathing

Framing and sheathing complete

Cypress shingles go on

Back side shingles complete

Restoration of front side dormers

Priming original beaded shiplap siding

Completed dormer trim

Restored dormers awaiting window sashes

Painting completed dormers

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