Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cupola Project

Cupola Project

A few weeks back I was asked to take a look a a cupola in a woman's garden to see if I could do some repair work on it. She wasn't sure where it came from originally, but I could tell that it was a genuine architectural piece, and the hand made copper roof definitly made this piece worth saving.

When I got it back to the shop I gave it a once over and realized that sitting on the ground in her garden had done a lot more damage than I had first recognised. The constant wicking of moisture had rotted out the four posts as well as the apron and it was missing most of it's architectural trim. I was able to rebuild most of the missing and damaged pieces and a fresh coat of paint really brought it back to life. All I have to do now is convince her to let me replace her old garden shed with one to match her restored cupola.

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